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Auckland HypnoBirthing

Being pregnant and knowing that you are growing your special little person is one of the most joyful times for any woman. However, for most, there is an inherent fear which builds about the birth, as the pregnancy progresses. This can come from what we see on the TV, the stories people tell us or perhaps a previous birth experience. Fear is a natural reaction to the unknown and a sense of not having any control.

Birth Your Way is here for women who want to learn techniques to eliminate fear and to have a positive birth experience for them and their baby.

The BENEFITS of HypnoBirthing are:pregnant couple showing love

  • Eliminates Fear before, during and after birthing.
  • Reduces pain significantly
  • Your first stage of labour can be reduced by hours
  • Helps your birthing partner understand how important their role is and what they need to do to support you and your baby.

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Benefits for your Birth Partnerdad talking to happy baby

  • Understand how important their role is
  • Learn Massage Techniques to support you
  • Learn techniques to support you in labour
  • AND most importantly, it helps them feel really involved which gives an overall wonderful experience for you, your Birth Partner and your baby.

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Do you live outside of Auckland?

Don’t despair as we run HypnoBirthing Weekends for people who live outside Auckland and even provide accommodation for you.

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